Having your own style and sticking with it is always the best strategy on how to look good always.

Be unique to others and get ideas from others also you can combine them to create your own.

Choose colors that will compliment your skin tone. For example, you have a white skin tone, choose a color that will make that skin look even brighter or if you have a black skin tone choose a color that will lighten your skin.

Make sure you don’t spend all your money on buying clothes.

Choose jewelry that will be noticeable and make sure it does not outshine your outfit.

Visiting the thrift shop is not a bad idea, don’t be shy to buy some clothes out there, there are a lot of cool stuff in there and will most likely save your budget as well.

After the shower makes sure to dry your hair first after brushing or curling it because it can damage the hair.

Your comfort is always the priority, don’t wear clothes that will make you feel uncomfortable. Or don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small for you.