Having problems with what to wear during winter? Well here are some tips for you to stay classy even if you wear thick clothes. During winter don’t worry if you pile up dresses you wear, be a master on layering your dress starting from a turtleneck or an under sweater even an under a coat everything but make sure you don’t look like a walking cabinet just be creative. It is a very good opportunity to showcase that boots during winter. Choose a boot that will surely catch the attention of the people, the boots are the key to your winter attire. It is also the perfect time to wear fur scarfs or whatever fur oriented dress you have it will stand out especially when it is color white. If you have the extra budget you can buy an eye-catching hat, not only the hat will make you feel warmer but it is also good to look at. Make sure all you wear compliments each other so you will not look like a weirdo.